Modular Homes in the UK

Modular homes are constructed in sections in a factory and are assembled on site. They are permanent structures and generally can be expected to last a minimum of sixty years. Modular buildings have been around since the 1960s, with Haus Huf ( being one of the earlier, and still the most well-known, manufacturers. In Britain,…

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Tracking London's Railways for 150 years

The 1800s were a time of transformation in Britain, a leading light in the industrial revolution.  Transport lay at the  forefront of the industrial revolution and the ability to transport people, goods and services efficiently lies at the heart of all successful economies.  The UK’s national railway took over the canal routes as the main…

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3 Brexit Challenges Facing Construction

  With the UK aiming to leave the European Union by as soon as March 2019, the construction sector has many obstacles to overcome before then.  The construction industry, relies heavily of labour, raw materials and investment from the EU.   This could prove to be a triple whammy for the sector and it is important…

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Addressing the Causes of a Skills Shortage in the UK

The words ‘skills shortage’ is something we hear a lot about in the UK.  We might think of this as surprising, given that over time we educate our people more, not less. Ranstad, the dutch human resource company, maintains that, on current trends, the workforce in the UK will have a 3 million worker shortfall…

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Your Ticket to Working in Construction – Getting Your CSCS Card

The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme was introduced in the 1990s when there was a lot of cause for concern over the high numbers of serious accidents happening on building sites in the UK.  Passing the CSCS test indicates that the holder of the card has an industry standard and a basic level of competence and…

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